Set my Soul on Fire ~

Carlos Reid

I thought I had seen fire in his eyes,
One that had awakened my soul.
A fire so bright, dancing so gallantly, it made me smile and dance along.

I thought that he had golden veins due to the beauty in his heart, with the soft lullabies he whispered in my ears, he was a wish upon a star.

Yet, it turns out the fire I saw was but a reflection of my own eyes. Turns out I have golden veins, and speak in lovely lullabies. I just had failed to realize…

Haronny S.
An Open Soul~

Quiero recorrerte… Recorrerte de mil maneras, ninguna igual a la otra hasta aprenderme de memoria cada centímetro de tu piel. Que me salga natural tocarte en el lugar exacto para en un segundo tu fuego interno prender… una y otra vez. 

Quiero devorarte… Poco a poquito, degustarte despacito y embriagarme de pasión una y otra vez. Quiero perderme en tus brazos, hacer de tu boca mi refugio y que el calor de tu piel me enloquezca con la misma intensidad cada nuevo amanecer.

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If words were enough to feel you, 

I would write until there were no words left. 

I’d make sure to write the finest poetry for your eyes,

Make sure to in every verse aim for a smile. 

I would make you want to be mine. 


Your words caress my soul in a way 
that makes my thighs tremble.

I bite my lips. 

I want to surrender. 


Old pic; back when I had longer hair.

I’ve been hiding from you.

Because I’m afraid you’ll teach me  things I don’t wanna know,

regardless of how much I need them.

 You cut me open every single time,

light shining were not even I have reached.

You do those things to me.

I’ve been hiding from you.

Because the truth seems like a paradox

 I don’t want to comprehend.

I don’t wanna hurt, but my soul and writing need you.

I’ve been hiding from you.

Because I’m scared. Terrified of you and those beautiful eyes

that rip me apart with no hesitation, and that soft smile

that makes me feel everything will be OK.

That’s the point of living, to learn

I’ve been keeping myself from you,

because I know every word there is to say,

every bone there is to tickle

and every space of skin there is to kiss.

I’ve made love to the truth over and over again,

but I can’t face it tonight.

The Web


How could I avoid getting caught up in that web of pure seduction?

The one that seduces me and draws me in into the unknown.

Teasing me slightly, owning me slowly, and over my body taking control.

Could it now possibly stop?

The aching and longing you’ve discovered.

The eagerness to learn, discover new things…

Fulfill a long-felt need.