Ella, de esas que lees lentamente buscando el mensaje subliminal entre versos, dejándote captivar por la magia de sus besos. Ella, profunda y misteriosa como el océano, se revela capa por capa y solamente si te lo ganas. Ella, de esas que te acarician el alma con una mirada…. {H.S.}

Anonymous Unedited [Rambling]

Here I find myself, listening to ‘The Hurry and the Harm’, wishing I had started this blog as an anonymous writer. Why? you may ask. Well, that’s pretty easy… So I can say anything and absolutely everything I want to say, without having to worry about someone who actually knows me finding it. No, I don’t have psycho thoughts about killing thousands of people. I don’t have a secret personality that worships the devil. I just think that – I have had all these thoughts and topics dancing in my head for the last month or so, and all I think is ‘Well, lady, you cannot post that’. It’s boring. It’s dull, it makes my blog  a “filtered” one, even though many posts have been writen at the moment of publishing… still, not how I saw myself blogging. 

I wish I were one of those girls who just did not give a fuck, who would write anything for whoever cares enough to read. But I am not. I used to post my posts on my Facebook wall when I first started THIS blog, back on Blogger, but I guess I just didn’t have as much to say as I did now, and it was mainly ‘poetry’. Or maybe it was because I was single and did not have to think of hurting anyone’s feelings…

Anyways, I said it. It’s been on my mind for weeks now.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the fact that people have reached out to me and contacted me to my personal email and found me on Facebook or Instagram. Fine with me. That is not the problem at all; I don’t want anyone to feel bad. I just sometimes wish I was a faceless, nameless girl writing on this blog.

Hugs and Kisses to anyone who gets to this line 🙂